Buy Sony PS4 Original Official Warranty

133-toko online idnonesiaBe careful when you want to buy a Sony Playstation 4. Be sure to buy the original and original Sony PS4. Because if you buy a fake, the quality that you feel will be very different. This quality PS4 product is guaranteed and also comes with an official warranty.

If you play PS4 that is not native alias fake, maybe later this product will be quickly broken. In addition, the hardware is also made of materials that are less good. When tried to use his controller was not as comfortable as the original. Well, therefore, make sure you only choose the original PS4.

How to find out and where is this original PS4 purchased?

If you want to buy it on the internet, buy Sony PS4 with Sony Indonesia’s official warranty at “toko online indonesia” JD.ID. The website sells PS4 which is guaranteed original, safe, and official. That way, you can play this game console with satisfaction,
What is the price of the Sony PS4? For Sony Playstation 4 Slim 500 GB Jet Black CUH 2006 you can buy it with price IDR. 3,849,000. Meanwhile, if you want Sony PS4 plus game Call of Duty, you can buy with the price of IDR. 4,149,000.

Sony PS4 is competing with competitors such as Xbox One S is sold with an equivalent price range. With a more slim shape, this console can be easier and placed. If the ability, this console supports graphics up to 4K. Coupled with Dual Shock 4K controller that more and more pamper you while playing this game.

PS4 Slim also has the advantage dnegan voice more softly. Compared to previous PS4 versions that may sound loud enough, it will not be felt when playing this PS4 Slim.

In addition, this console also supports HDR games so that the image display can be more optimal and satisfactory. With a better graphical display is indeed one of the most sought-after gamers. Because the satisfaction while playing the game was also supported by the visual side of interest.

Not only has a slimmer size, PS4 slim also requires less electricity. When compared with other consoles, electric straws are not too much. With more efficient power capability is certainly very fun for you. Because the electricity bill can be more efficient.
Sony’s big name in making the PS4 is no doubt. Over the past two decades, this game console has been widely played. A number of innovations that made the PS4 lovers make it difficult to move to another heart.

In conclusion, for those of you who want to buy Sony PS4 Slim, this is the right game console. Having a number of advantages over previous versions as well as with a slimmer design makes it a dream console. This will be a gaming device that adorns your next days. Playing this PS4 game might make you forget its time.